A Little Bit About Me…

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brian Rueb for Aperture Academy last year. As many of you may know, I have recently begun teaching workshops with ApCad, and I could not be happier.  Not only am I getting out into the field to share my love of photography... read more

And I Cried…

Planning is underway for another visit back to Death Valley this winter, which got me thinking and remembering my last visit. Here is a post I made a couple of years ago… I had just returned from spending a week or so in Death Valley National Park, and while the... read more

Get Up In It…

Photographing waterfalls can be a rush – one of the biggest rushes in photography!  Every single one has it’s own personality and moods, which in turn will vary based on all kinds of different environmental factors (in addition to the ever-changing light... read more

The Importance of Being There

Do you ever wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, glance up at the edges of what are supposed to be the curtains blocking the window, looking for that tell-tale glow which will signify to your sleepy brain that the sky outside has begun to get lighter? After a brief... read more

About Joe

I am a California-based photographer with a passion for the natural and urban landscape, both real and abstract.

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Me on Instagram

  • Burning Man is Coming SOON!!  And that means wehellip
    2 days ago by jazurephotography Burning Man is Coming SOON!! ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔ And that means we are hard at working getting The Monaco playa vessel ready for some fun . We are in the process of revamping all of the lighting AND putting in a new engine . Come find us and join us for any of our many cruises around Black Rock City!!! • • •  #burningman   #brc   #artcar   #mutantvehicle   #blackrockcity   #sailing   #boat   #ship   #playa   #nevada   #festival   #fun   #adventure 
  • Summertime at the Coast  San Franciscos coastline is oftenhellip
    1 week ago by jazurephotography Summertime at the Coast ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔ San Francisco's coastline is often shrouded in fog during the summer...I don't mind at all • • •  #rodeo   #beach   #fog   #california   #sunset   #sunshine 
  • Sunrise on The Bay  San Francisco has some greathellip
    1 week ago by jazurephotography Sunrise on The Bay ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔ San Francisco has some great place to watch the sun rise ... • • •  #sunrise   #bayareabridges   #bridge   #water   #longexposure   #sanfrancisco 
  • Follow meinto the woods  Some of my best timeshellip
    2 weeks ago by jazurephotography Follow me...into the woods ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔ Some of my best times in the field are when I am alone with nothing but the terrain and the light... • • •  #autumn   #fall   #fallcolors   #trees   #dof 
  • Summer Nights in San Francisco  Enjoy them while wehellip
    3 weeks ago by jazurephotography Summer Nights in San Francisco ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔ Enjoy them while we have them . I'm really liking being able to look across the bay to see the beautiful San Francisco skyline • • •  #sunset   #sanfrancisco   #coittower   #skyline   #longexposure 

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